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ULTRAcel Uncovered

You’ve heard the buzz. Youthful, even skin without going under the knife. A non-surgical facelift and skin contouring solution. Exceptional results without minimal discomfort and downtime. How does ULTRAcel do all of this while empowering you to rejuvenate your skin - and your self-confidence? By combining three powerful technologies in one revolutionary treatment. High Intensity [...]

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Laser Hair Removal: Is It for Everyone?

Waxing isn't for you: too intense! Ditto tweezing. Shaving’s not your style: too time-consuming. Covering up isn't the answer: you want to dare to bare and wear your clothes with confidence. Laser hair removal isn’t right either: it’s only for people with certain skin types or hair colours… isn’t it? In years past, laser hair [...]

Laser Hair Removal: Is It for Everyone? 2018-03-21T17:13:08+00:00

How to Get Younger Looking Skin

With age comes wisdom, confidence, self-assurance. But then there are the pesky lines, wrinkles and sagging! What if you could keep the positive inner aspects of ageing while negating the outer signs? You can! And these treatments will help. ULTRAcel Hailed as an incredibly effective “non-surgical facelift,” ULTRAcel contours, tightens, and lifts the face and [...]

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