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Best Treatments for Post-Pregnancy

When you have a new bundle of joy, you’re focused on loving that baby – and craving just a few minutes of sleep! But you also start to think about regaining your pre-pregnancy body. It’s only natural to want to firm and tighten up, but exercise and good diet may not be enough. Effective treatments, such as Dermapen and ULTRAcel can help!

Taking off baby weight is a trial in itself. But many woman face other concerns as well: from sagging skin and stretch marks to a crepey appearance, your body faces a variety of changes. A tummy tuck or other invasive surgical procedures are effective but you contend with lengthy downtimes – a difficult prospect when you are busy caring for a child – not to mention pain/discomfort and high costs.

Dermapen and ULTRAcel are different. You already know body is capable of amazing feats! These techniques call on your own healing power. A series of needles create “micro wounds” in the skin (in the case of ULTRAcel, the use of high intensity focused ultrasound and fractional radio frequency enables practitioners to reach deeper layers).

This jumpstarts collagen and elastin production as your body begins to heal itself. These proteins give your skin its resiliency and firm, smooth appearance. You can effectively and safely address issues such as sagging and stretch marks – without going under the knife.

By opting for Dermapen or ULTRAcel, you avoid the drag of downtimes and the risks and costs associated with surgery.

Schedule a consultation with our experienced team to learn more and see which treatment is right for you. Wanting to get your pre-pregnancy body back is not only understandable – it’s possible!