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Hair Removal Techniques

Unwanted hair is concern that many of us deal with on a daily basis. You may spend hours tweezing or bleaching, with unsatisfactory results. Are there more effective options? You bet!

Epilation: This is like supercharged tweezing. A device with metal springs or tweezers pulls hair from the root. It does slow hair loss and help you achieve passable results. But watch out for those sensitive areas (e.g. upper lip, eyebrow, bikini line).

Threading: This technique is a wonderful way to shape the eyebrows for natural-looking and long-lasting results. Our experienced practitioners apply a cotton thread to the area to grab each unwanted hair by the root. It’s no more uncomfortable than removal options like tweezing, and it is much faster to boot.

Waxing: Many people are intimidated by waxing. Their first thought is “Ouch!” This is why we use a mild wax derived from tea tree. It is suitable even for those with highly sensitive skin. Best of all, you’ll have smooth skin and long-lasting results. Best to wax every eight weeks or so. Imagine all the time you’ll save by skipping shaving, tweezing or epilating!

Laser Hair Removal: There are long lasting results, and then there are permanent results. Laser hair removal delivers a permanent reduction in unwanted hair. By focusing lasers on the follicles, this treatment essentially destroys the pigment and “kills” the hair.

Book a consult today and speak to our expert team. We’ll be happy to discuss all of your hair removal options and help you determine which option is best for your goals and your skin. Are there side effects? Sure: Increased confidence and enjoyment in your appearance!