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Laser Hair Removal: Is It for Everyone?

Waxing isn’t for you: too intense! Ditto tweezing. Shaving’s not your style: too time-consuming. Covering up isn’t the answer: you want to dare to bare and wear your clothes with confidence. Laser hair removal isn’t right either: it’s only for people with certain skin types or hair colours… isn’t it?

In years past, laser hair removal techniques were only effective on people who happened to have fair skin and dark hair. If your skin and hair feel in other places on the wide spectrum, you were out of luck – and stuck using a razor virtually every day. No longer. Our advanced laser hair removal is suitable for nearly all skin types and hair colours.

This technique works by introducing wavelengths of light into the target area. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which damages the follicle. As a result, future growth is halted. It provides a quick, easy solution to undesired hair.

You’ll notice we said nearly all skin types and hair colours earlier. Unfortunately, laser hair removal is not fitting for those with red or grey hair. Why? There is not as much pigment present to absorb the light.

However, we do offer other means of hair removal at Reflect Medispa, so you ca rest assured, whatever your needs, whatever your hair colour or skin type, Reflect Medispa has a viable, effective solution for you. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can help. Is laser hair removal for you? Let’s find out!