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Laser Hair Removal and PCOS

Ask anyone living with PCOS about the most frustrating symptoms, and one of the most common you’ll hear is managing the unwanted hair growth. While there are many strategies for dealing with this hair explosion, one of the best is laser hair removal.

Why The Hair Connection?

Wondering why unwanted hair growth is so common with PCOS? Hirsutism is a very common symptom because of the high androgen and/or testosterone levels in women who deal with PCOS. Hirsutism is just another word for unwanted hair growth. While it’s a very common symptom among PCOS sufferers, it’s also one that makes them view their bodies in a negative like. Because it affects up to 10% of all women suffering with PCOS, hirsutism is not only incredibly common, but also very damaging for those involved. It can happen on the face, the chest, the back, or the arms. It can even result in excessive pubic hair.

Laser Hair Removal

While some women take to shaving and waxing to deal with hirsutism, one of the best options is laser hair removal. It can help to eliminate the excess hair growth and restore your natural confidence.

Laser hair removal is a fairly simple procedure. A laser is passed over your skin to destroy the hair follicle. Once that process is complete, it can no longer produce hair in the future. The treatment needs to take place over a period of time, typically a year, but you’ll see real changes in your hair growth cycles during the course of that year.

PCOS is a frustrating condition, but it is possible to deal with the outward symptoms like difficult hair growth, thanks to treatments like laser hair removal. To book your consultation, give us a call today.