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Most Popular Treatments for Men

Forget the golf course or rugby pitch, manly men are heading to the spa. Really. Medispas increasingly cater to men, offering targeted treatments that enable them to see outstanding results. According to the International Spa Association, 29 percent of spa customers were men in 2005. Fast-forward to 2018: that’s up to 49 percent. And these popular treatments are a large part of the reason:

Laser Hair Removal

Advanced laser hair removal techniques delivers a permanent reduction in unwanted hair. For men, the typical target areas include the back, shoulders, upper arms, abdomen and beard area.

In years past, men who opted for hair removal treatments were usually cyclists or swimmers after a more aerodynamic shape. But today, more guys prefer a smooth look and feel, at least in certain areas. Whatever you’d like, from a decrease in chest hair to head-to-toe reduction, Reflect Medispa has a variety of packages from which to choose.


Dermapen microneedling techniques are another terrific option for men dealing with a variety of skin conditions, including: acne scarring, body and surgical scarring, excessive sweating, under eye dark circles and wrinkles.

Dermapen works by creating tiny micro wounds, which stimulates the production of collagen. This “fountain of youth” protein helps give skin its resiliency and bounce. Unlike older forms of microneedling, Dermapen utilises incredibly thin needles that do not bend or deflect when they come into contact with scarred skin. They also allow for optimal accuracy of the treatment area.

Laser hair removal and Dermapen techniques can help you achieve the results you want – and they are more than skin deep. Renewed, refreshed, and healthy skin is essential when you want to put your best face forward. Contact Reflect Medispa for a consultation and see how these treatments can work for you.