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Over the past few years, there has been a huge shift in attitude towards male grooming. Gone are the days where men roll out of bed, have a shower and walk out the door. Now a whole skin, hair and grooming routine is in place before leaving the house, with some men even giving the ladies a run for their money!

According to a recent survey, 52% of global male consumers consider their looks and appearance either important or very important, and 29% of male consumers touch up their looks through the day. As a result of this, the male grooming market is rapidly increasing with more and more male cosmetics being produced and sold daily.

At Reflect we fully support the idea that male beauty treatments are just as important as female beauty treatments. We offer a wide range of services that make the men of Virginia Water look their very best. Discover our services specially designed for men, providing effective and therapeutic treatments for grooming and relaxation here.

Why not try our rejuvenating, stress relieving ‘Energy Facial’:

C-Plus Energy Facial For Men – £95 – 60 mins

Back, Neck and Shoulder £34 – 25 mins

Full Body Massage – £65 – 55 mins

Or if you’ve suffered a muscle injury, Reflexology combines gentle stimulation of pressure points and a relaxing foot massage to promote your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • £30 for 30 mins
  • £60 for 60 mins (including consultation)
For ongoing grooming maintenance we offer treatments that provide efficient and long lasting results, for a more permanent solution we offer Laser Hair Removal:
Back & shoulders:
  • Per treatment £215
  • 6 sessions £869 (save £430)
  • 8 sessions £1075 (save £645)
For basic maintenance we offer a selection of waxing treatments:
  • Chest Wax – £25
  • Brow Wax – £10
  • Brow Threading – £14
For a full list of the male beauty services we have to offer visit here: https://reflectmedispa.com/treatments/men/