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Anti Ageing

Doctor administered injectables to help you achieve a rejuvenated, youthful complexion

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Doctor Led Anti Ageing Injectables with Aesthetic Specialist Dr Huang

Dr Huang is an expert Aesthetic injector specialising in natural, subtle results with Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers. Dr Huang prides himself in providing five star service to his clients at Reflect Medispa, offering a range of injectable treatments. Book your Aesthetic Injector consultation today.

Anti Wrinkle Injectables

Anti-wrinkle injections use a naturally occurring protein to relax certain muscles in the face, smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and preventing new lines from occurring. It is the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatment for the removal of wrinkles. As this is a medical product, it is only available under the prescription of a doctor or fully qualified Nurse Prescriber.

Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles already formed by relaxing muscles. Non-invasive with virtually no recovery time.

  • Not permanent, will break down naturally.
  • Lasts 3 – 4 months
  • Repeat every 4 months

Dermal Fillers

At Reflection we use Teosyal® wrinkle-filling products containing 100% non-animal origin hyaluronic acid. Teosyal® is developed using the patented cross linking Resilient Hyaluronic Acid Technology making it highly efficient and long lasting.

With the Teosyal® range, it is possible to redefine and redesign the lines and contours of your face as gently and naturally as possible. Dermal fillers help smooth the areas on your forehead, cheeks and lips to soften lines and wrinkles. Your procedure will be performed by one of our expert physicians, and shouldn’t last any longer than 30 minutes. It doesn’t require any anaesthesia, so you can return to your day-to-day life almost immediately.

  • Plumps up your skin and smooths wrinkles
  • Used to fill minor or moderate lines and wrinkles
  • Especially effective around the eyes, nose and mouth
  • Lasts 6 -12 months

Prices start from £200 per area, dependant on the amount of filler required

Conditions: wrinkle filling, frown lines, anti aging

Lip Enhancements

  • Gives a more youthful appearance
  • Helps to turn the corners of the mouth upwards
  • Can be tailored to provide a natural look
  • Lasts between 4 – 6 months

Starts from £250 dependent on the amount of filler required

Conditions: thin lips, uneven lips, undefined cupids bow

The Supermodel Cheek Lift

Contour your cheekbones with the subtle, natural lift of the Supermodel Cheek Lift. This simple technique counters the common signs of ageing and restores the skins natural elasticity, leaving skin feeling firmer.

  • Contours the cheekbones for a lifted, supermodel look
  • Rejuvenates the appearance and sculpts the face

Prices start from £499

Conditions: lack of volume in the cheeks, sagging jowls, nose to mouth lines

The Premier Full Face Refresh

Minimally invasive treatment which delivers Hyaluronic Acid directly into the skin to help improve hydration, elasticity and appearance of fine lines.

  • Can be used on hands, face, neck and décolletage
  • One treatment lasts 6 months

Prices start from £699 dependent on area treated

Conditions: lacklustre, dry skin with fine lines and wrinkles

8 Point Liquid Lift

The revolutionary 8 point lift contours and subtly lifts the face in 8 strategic areas, giving maximal lift and support using a relatively small amount of dermal filler.

8 points lift:

  • 1&2 – Cheekbones
  • 3 – Tear Trough
  • 4 – Nasolabial Fold
  • 5 – Mouth Corners
  • 6 – Prejowl Area
  • 7 – Jawline
  • 8 – Lower Cheek Volume
  • Lasts up to 12 months

Price starts from £899

Conditions: sagging jowls, nose to mouth lines, fine lines and wrinkles

The Mini Lift Package

Combine Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections for the ultimate lift and smoothing effect. Includes two areas of Anti Wrinkle plus one area of Dermal Filler.

  • Effective in smoothing fine lines
  • Plump area which has lost volume

Prices start from £499

Conditions: lines and wrinkles, sagging jowls, lack of volume in the cheeks

Hyperhidrosis(Excessive Sweating)

Anti wrinkle injections are extremely effective when treating excessive sweating. The solution is injected into the sweat glands to block the nerve impulses that cause the body to sweat, without harming the body.

  • Treatment lasts up to 6 months
  •  Very effective to prevent excessive sweating

Prices start from £400

Conditions: excessive sweating in the underarms, hands and feet

Hand Rejuvenation

Reverse signs of ageing and create a youthful appearance to the hands with our specialist dermal filler technique.

  • Plumps skin for a youthful appearance
  •  Instant results that can last up to 6 months

Price quoted at consultation

Conditions: thin, ageing skin with fine and wrinkles

Tear Trough

This effective technique targets the common issue of dark undereye circles.

  • Helps to improve appearance of sunken eyes
  • Targets dark undereye circles

Prices start from £249 depending on how much filler is required

Conditions: dark circles, undereye ‘bags’ 


Radiance Peel – £85

A powerful surface-renewing peeling treatment for all skin types except sensitive that refines pores, removes dead skin cells, activates skin cell renewal and skin regeneration, whilst strengthening the skin’s resistance and protective function. Scars appear less prominent and skin is left radiant, refreshed, rejuvenated and balanced in appearance.

Conditions: dull skin, scarring, blemishes

Obaji – Premier Laser & Skin

Blue Radiance Peel – £89

Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE® is a quick and easy salicylic acid–based peel for all skin types to improve a range of skin conditions including acne scarring, photo damage and melasma resulting in an overall improvement in skin texture and tone. This procedure may be beneficial if you have darker skin with pigmentary changes.

Conditions: acne, photo damage, melasma, pigmentation, scarring

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