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Aromatherapy Associates oils use the finest ingredients to give our clients the best experience.

Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience – £73 – 60 min

Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience – £94 – 90 min

Choose from our extensive Aromatherapy Associate oil menu to see which oil is most appropriate for you that day and indulge in either a 60 or 90 minute full body massage.

Conditions: massage, stress relief, muscle pain, back pain, energy boost, sleep

Intense Muscle Release – £73 – 60 min

De-stress with our intense muscle release massage using Aromatherapy Associates specialist de-stress muscle oil, which works to relax stiffness in joints, muscle aches and fatigue.

Conditions: massage, fatigue, muscle pain

Please see our full menu of Aromatherapy Associate oils, all of which can be used in your Ultimate Aromatherapy Associate experience:

Deep Relax – Ideal if you are exhausted but struggling to switch off and fall asleep

Light Relax – For when you need to calm your mind, if you’re feeling anxious or worried

De-Stress Mind – If you’re feeling stressed or emotionally drained and need to focus

De-Stress Muscle – To relax muscle ache, fatigue and stiffness in joints

Revive Morning – Ideal for when you’re needing an energy boost or if you’re jet lagged

Revive Evening – If you’re lacking in energy, need a confidence boost or a PM pick-me-up

Support Breathe – Great for chest/sinus congestion, immune boost and seasonal allergies

Support Lavender & Peppermint – Soothes headaches and digestive problems

Support Equilibrium – Helps enhance positivity if you’re feeling low or have hormonal imbalance

Inner Strength – Ideal for when you need inner comfort and a more positive outlook

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