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Indulge yourself with one of our luxury, non-surgical facial procedures.

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Guinot Facials

Hydradermie Facial – £67 – 55mins

The Guinot Hydradermie Facial combines the best of nature with the latest in skincare technology to cleanse, re-balance and moisturise your skin. This unique technique incorporates galvanic currents with a soothing, firm manual massage to penetrate highly active plant ingredients deep into the skin, revitalising your complexion from the deeper layers up to the surface. High frequency is then applied to the skin to boost natural cell renewal and microcirculation, and oxygenate the skin. In just under an hour your skin will be transformed, leaving your complexion glowing and healthy.

Conditions: dehydrated skin, mature skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, pigmented skin

Hydradermie Age Logic – £85 – 75mins

Hydradermie Age Logic takes the basis of the Hydradermie facial and combines added toning and firming ingredients to effectively target signs of ageing. This deluxe, replenishing facial works to redefine and boost the complexion, focusing on areas suffering with fine lines and wrinkles such as the eyes area, neck and decollete. A firm, manual massage aided with relaxing essential oils ensure your experience is the optimum of luxury, ending with visible improvements to your skin.

Conditions: anti ageing, wrinkles, fine lines, expression lines, dull skin

Hydraclean – £48 – 45mins

The Hydraclean treatment focuses on areas of the face that often suffers with oil build up to offer a deep, revitalising cleanse. Using an adjustable, heated electrode your therapist will cleanse the area and perform a soothing massage, leaving the skin clear, refreshed and glowing. This treatment is perfect for teenage skin as well as adult acne sufferers.

Conditions: acne, teenage skin, problem skin, blemishes, dull skin

Hydra Lift – £70 – 50 mins

As we age, our facial muscles can experience a lowering, sagging effect, and this exclusive technique targets these areas to lift, tone and firm. The Hydra Lift stimulates the facial muscles with specialist heated electrodes that pass a mild electric current over the skin. This stimulation works to lift, tone and contour the features as well as boosting cell renewal and rejuvenating the complexion. A remodeling cream is then topically applied with a manual massage to enhance results, followed by a bespoke mask to hydrate and replenish.

Conditions: uneven skin tone, saggy skin, anti ageing

Hydra Lift Express – £50 – 30mins

The Hydra Lift Express combines the Hydradermie facial with added toning ingredients to focus on targeted areas such as the eyes, the neck and decolette. By combining these powerful active ingredients with a pressure point eye massage we see amazing results.

Conditions: firm skin, wrinkles around eyes, anti aging, dull skin

Eye Logic – £50 – 40mins

Focusing on the delicate eye area, this specialist treatment targets common eye area issues such as dark undereye shadows and circles, puffiness, and dehydration. Utilising the highly effective Age Logic technique, we can achieve a brightening effect on tired looking eyes to give a refreshed, revitalised appearance.

Conditions: eye area, shadows, dry skin, moisturise, dark circles, puffy undereyes

Age Summum – £75 – 50mins

The Age Summum Treatment is the ultimate firming facial to achieve lift, tone and to contour the facial features back to their best. Precious anti -ageing ingredients are penetrated deep into the skin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, firm areas of loose skin and redefine texture. Rediscover your skin’s natural radiance with this deluxe treatment.

Conditions: non surgical, anti aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin, expression lines, dry skin

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