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Teenage skin is often plagued with constant hormone changes, leading to an over production of sebum and oil. This excessive oil contributes to unpredictable acne.

Having regular facials that target this excess in sebum is a fantastic way to stay on top of break outs and target the root of the problem, rather than masking with cover up make up. Our facials work to unclog blocked pores, thoroughly cleanse and rehydrate the skin. The treatment includes the following steps:

  • Facial steam to open pores
  • Deep, thorough cleanse
  • Exfoliation to extract bacteria
  • Facial mask to target impurities
  • Toning for the skin
  • Moisturisation to reduce oil and sebum production
  • In depth homecare consultation

Teen Prescriptive facial – £40 – 45mins

Teen Express facial – £35 – 30mins

Ideal as a top up for your regular facial regime, this express treatment gives your skin a quick boost when you need it.

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