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Ultraformer HIFU skin tightening is a groundbreaking, non invasive treatment which uses ultrasound technology to tone and tighten skin.

Ultraformer can be used on your face, neck and body, and uses ultrasound technology and heat to penetrate deep into the dermis, stimulating collagen production to provide extremely effective results. Ultraformer technology has no downtime or recovery period and rejuvenates so deeply into the skin that the results continue to improve even months after treatment. Ultraformer is fantastic as a stand alone treatment, or in combination with fat reduction such as our newly launched non-surgical cryotherapy fat reduction treatment. The treatment tightens, firms and rejuvenates areas of skin that can be left untoned after fat reduction and weight loss.


Procedure time: 30 minutes
Downtime: Minimal, will leave skin redness, slight swelling, chance of slight bruising
Results: Skin tightening and firming
Duration of results: Up to one year, dependant on area. Recommended as a once yearly treatment.


Full Face – £995
Half Face – either top or bottom of face – £750
Neck and Jawline – £795
Neck and Decolletage – £1,295
Full Face and Neck – £1,495
Eyebrows – £395

Small Areas
Top of arms, chin and knees – from £400

Medium Areas
Sides, half of stomach area – from £600

Large Areas
Entire stomach, inner thighs, outer thighs, beneath the buttocks – approx £800

Package prices
£2,250 for package of 3 large areas
£1,650 for package of 3 medium areas
£1,050 for package of 3 small areas

Conditions: skin tightening, fat reduction

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